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Staff (Gameplay/Administrative)
NameSex Description Online
Uematsu Gyururu Female Long time Staff No
Frosty Neji Male Technical Admin & Server Owner No
Uchiha Kamui Male Lead Game Master & Moderator & Petitioner No
Grand Hokage Nathan Male Moderator No
Wandering Asadi Male Game Master No
Kurokotsu Yomi Male Game Master No
Koji Male Game Master No
Supernova Becquerel Male Game Master No
Warren Male Game Master No
NameSex Description Online
NameSex Description Online
Dokuga Xaos Male Item Master, Avatar Validator, Petition Handler & Moderator No
Yuzuri no Ame Female GM No
Vampire Lord Baluski Male Eternal Vampire No
Stonewall Jackson Male Moderator No

Staff Characters (0 players):

Online Characters (10 players):
The Traveler
Lone Sage Shien
Tatsuya Kousaka
Kimiko Kitsune
Kyōfuko Ren
Mad Shaman Omen
幽霊 Kenjii
Yin Xue Naoki
Umehara Bijozakura

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