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Staff Characters (3 players):
Supernova Becquerel
Saiteki Yomi

Online Characters (38 players):
Crystal Heart KeiruYoru
Dragons Kin, Zeil
Mr. kyo
Academy Student Ahnleh
Hunter Nin Kumaro
DragonQueen GaarasTeddyBear
Academy Student Shikatsuno
Werewolf Forceblade
Lone Sage Shien
Chuunin Robin
Chuunin Asugi
Academy Student Meizuo
Jikihara Kotono
Academy Student NinjWned
Genin Makoto
Akuma Yusuke
Ethereal Hikari
Academy Student Akane
Academy Student Shintoe
Warsmith Honsu
Az Örök Ivory
Genin Miho
Saiteki Miyuu
Tachibana Oboro
Mad Shaman Omen
Máistir Báis Dunmharu
Takashi Rikū
魔 Zero
Apotheosized Ialdabaoth

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