Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement from (short version)

The long version can be found here: Shinobi Legends Data Privacy Agreement

1) What data we collect
*Cookies including a session ID and associated informations, in fact very little is stored inside them. No counters or visits of other web sites are. Your last IP is also saved for verification purposes

*Email Address
Your email address is the main contact for us, you are identified by it, rather than your password.

*Ingame Data
Most things you get or receive or do ingame are stored, for instance message are.

2) How do we use it

We make usage of cookies to ensure enhancement safety and to identify repeatly visiting persons over the web. Another cookie is used to store the session id to be able to assign the correct values to a character. In no way are these cookies used to track any other visits than to your site, and no counter even to that remains.

*Email Address
Your email address will not be given out under any circumstances, but is visible to the staff for administration and affiliated purposes.
We will mail you there if there are severe problems ingame or you ask to. Normally we stick to ingame contact.
If you violate local or international laws, we reserve the right to use your email address to avoid damage from the server and it's users.

*Ingame Data
It will be used for:
*Detecting Abuse of rules ingame, which means tracking advertising, rudeness against other players etc. These things are automated and restricted to only a few staff members
*Statistics to see if the game remains fair or not. Like how many gold you carry around on average, how much you earn, etc, for example

3) Security of the Server

Game data is safe and won't be given out to 3rd parties unless there is a court sentence to do so or an ISP requesting data due to fraud or other criminal actions.
Similar exceptions may apply.

Technically we are protected against intrusions as explained in the wiki:

4) Contacting you

We will stick to ingame notifications mostly. You can enable to send ingame mails to your email account and disable it again at any time.

We will not contact if you have deleted your account from the game, only if you petition with a problem or a similar thing.

5) Editing and Updating your Information

You can update your email address ingame, your old email address will be removed after you have validated it.
However, in the monthly or weekly backups an old email might still be stored.

6) Policy Changes

Changes will be announced in the Message of The Day and this site updated.

Moderators and Administrators have restrictive access to the data they need to watch for the rules.