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Frosty Neji2019-02-11 18:04:14
8 Gates update is live

Due to popular opinion that most of the KGs have some issues, they are being reworked with 8 gates being first to finish. The gates themselves are mostly same with some cost adjustments, but the jutsus received fair bit of attention.

Hyuga+Gates combo (remodeled, now 1st gate)
Ura Renge / Asa Kujaku (broken damage fixed, overall slight buffs)

New additions:
Uchiha+Gates combo / Omote Renge (1st gate)
Konoha Ryujin (4th gate)
Hirudora (7th gate)
Sekizo / Yagai (8th gate)

Next in line will be Kaguya to finish the taijutsu set, and after that likely either Mokuton or Hyouton from the ninjutsu set. If you have ideas or comments over which of the latter two you'd like to see done first, you can PM them to Warren on SL or Discord.

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Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.
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