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Frosty Neji2019-06-15 12:51:15
did anybody notice? :)

Check the new day screen messages.

News for Thu, Jun 20, 2019 (Items 151 - 161 of 161)
God has been slain while attacking Magical boy Hyuugan in the fields of Kirigakure.
Magical boy Hyuugan was heard to say, "This Death Dealer's Pride that God had will make a great toothpick"
Carlosjr has been resurrected by Shinigami.
Carlosjr has been slain while attacking 伝説の三Akihiro in the fields of Kirigakure.
伝説の三Akihiro looks at Carlosjr's Warm Fuzzies, "Isn't this for academy students?"
Carlosjr has slain Kabuto, and saved the entire Earth Country from death and destruction.
Carlosjr has beaten a couple of bounty hunters.

Malignant Uchiha Tajima slapped Carlos senseless in the forest with his own Sword of Kusanagi !
Malignant Uchiha Tajima is giggling while Carlos lies on the ground, "Oh well, Sword of Kusanagi? My mommy had those in the kitchen too!"
Carlos has been resurrected by Shinigami.
Carlos was killed by ANBU members in the woods of Kirigakure.
Chuunin MiraiSarutobi had a fatal misunderstanding in the forest with Deidara which lead to a fatal development.
Deidara was heard saying to Chuunin MiraiSarutobi, "Say hi to shinigami for me!"
Genin AnkoUzumaki defeated Academy Student Nova in fair combat in the fields of Konohagakure.
Genin AnkoUzumaki has found a path to Orochimaru's former hideout!
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