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News for Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Ryumaru survived an encounter with The Bride Of The VampireLord Baluski in the woods of Konohagakure.
Chuunin BekiNightblade has slain Kabuto, and saved the entire Earth Country from death and destruction.
Ryumaru has slain the Chipmunk Boss, and earned a great reward.
Ryumaru has slain the Chipmunk Boss, and earned a great reward.
Genin Frannny and Tenten are joined today in joyous matrimony!!!
Kurokotsu Yomi has found a path to Orochimaru's former hideout!
Genin Frannny and Tenten were seen heading up the stairs in the inn together.
Genin Frannny has been resurrected by Shinigami.
Genin Frannny had a fatal misunderstanding in the forest with Lonely Shadow which lead to a fatal development.
"ARRRGGGGGGG!!" Genin Frannny screams in frustration.
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