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Small updates
Sunny Neji2018-08-15 12:09:40
1. You can now send (for a moderate fee of 5%) money directly from the forest to the bank (limit 99 times per game day)
2. After having at least 10 Oro-Kills, you can now suicide till the end in the forest.

I call the last one machinegun-seppuku.

News for Tue, Oct 16, 2018
Az Örök Ivory has been bruised in the forest by Elite Arashi.
"Just wait for my revenge, Elite Arashi. It will be swift!" Az Örök Ivory declares.
Academy Student Houraisan tried to break into the Inn, and was caught by Ichiraku.
Saiteki Miyuu has been resurrected by Shinigami.
Saiteki Miyuu was killed by a small Frog Warrior sent out by Ero-Sennin.
Academy Student Toketsu has been slain while attacking Genin Illusian in the fields of Kirigakure.
Genin Illusian is giggling while Academy Student Toketsu lies on the ground, "Oh well, Truesplendor Tantou? My mommy had those in the kitchen too!"
Takashi Rikū has been slain while attacking Shadowy Shyness Celty in the fields of Kumogakure.
Shadowy Shyness Celty laughs at Takashi Rikū, "You actually tried to win? Not even your Crow Blade did help against my Wooden Kunai!"
Academy Student Meizuo defeated Takahima while they were sleeping in their Dwelling.
Academy Student Houraisan has been resurrected by Shinigami.
Academy Student Meizuo defeated Zukomaru in fair combat in the fields of Konohagakure.
Academy Student Houraisan has been mauled to death by gold hungry Chipmunks.
Academy Student Meizuo defeated Academy Student NinjWned in fair combat in the fields of Konohagakure.
Staff Characters (3 players):
Supernova Becquerel
Saiteki Yomi

Online Characters (37 players):
Dragons Kin, Zeil
Mr. kyo
Crystal Heart KeiruYoru
DragonQueen GaarasTeddyBear
Academy Student Ahnleh
Academy Student Shikatsuno
Hunter Nin Kumaro
Werewolf Forceblade
Lone Sage Shien
Chuunin Robin
Chuunin Asugi
Academy Student Meizuo
Jikihara Kotono
Genin Makoto
Academy Student NinjWned
Akuma Yusuke
Ethereal Hikari
Academy Student Akane
Academy Student Shintoe
Genin Miho
Az Örök Ivory
Warsmith Honsu
Saiteki Miyuu
Tachibana Oboro
Mad Shaman Omen
Takashi Rikū
Máistir Báis Dunmharu
Apotheosized Ialdabaoth
魔 Zero

Nice naruto vid


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