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Shinobi Legends is role playing game based on the Legend Of The Green Dragon engine that has several enhancements installed. Adventure into the world of Naruto and try to be like your favorite character(s) in the series. Seek out for the secret of Rasengan or aim to be an Akatsuki member. Orochimaru is your mortal enemy, so you are on a constant hunt.
Staff Characters (1 players):

Online Characters (19 players):
Hyūga, Takeo
Máistir Báis Dunmharu
Glacial Lord Ratatosk
Chuunin werevamp
Dāto Terumī
Apotheosized Ialdabaoth
Academy Student Fabrujio
Academy Student Megumi
Princess kunoichijane
Dinosaur Sage IburiRay
Kokurai no Kusa Chio
Genin JraecoHyodo
Tua Valdar JinchuuMimai
Academy Student Yuseke
Genin Bodyguard
Academy Student Kaze
Academy Student Mayumi
Academy Student Ryn

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