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Welcome to Shinobi Legends, a browser based role playing game(RPG) featuring Naruto, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The current time in Jiseigakure is 4:24 am.
Next new game day in: 6h, 31m, 42s (real time)

The newest shinobi of the realm is: Academy Student Einherjar

Konohagakure has no special relations to Ninja Central.
Konohagakure is at bad terms with Kirigakure.
Konohagakure is allied with Sunagakure.
Konohagakure is hostile towards Otogakure.

Technical Admin & Server Owner
Moderator & Game Master, Ban Handler
Eternal Vampire
Taunt Editor & Petitioner & Moderator
Petition Handler & Moderator
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The current Battle Arena Leader in Jiseigakure is: ShinobiIceSlayer.
The most recent hero of the realm is: Kuyami Jake

Latest News

Tsukimi has beaten a couple of bounty hunters.
Senju, Ichirou has beaten a couple of bounty hunters.
Tsukimi has found a path to Orochimaru's former hideout!
Shadow Lord JayJay defeated Academy Student Kiken in fair combat in the fields of Konohagakure.

Today's weather is expected to be foggy.

The following have lost the most gold to the dreaded Chipmunk army!
1. 代目水影 Xiarawst (over 1,800,000 gold)
2. Ratatosk (over 1,700,000 gold)
3. Luenah Yūmei (over 1,400,000 gold)

Dodo has defeated Orochimaru more often than any other shinobi!
The warrior with most cash is: Kirito
The warrior with most gems at hand is: Matoi, Ryuko

By logging in you accept the Rules of this Game which can be viewed at the left hand side bar.

If you don't get the verification mail, check your spam folder.
If nothing is in there, mail your provider along with our domain name and the time you registered.
AOL users: login via Internet Explorer to check the spam folder

Enter your name and password to enter the realm.
Username: Password:

Did you forget your password? Go here to retrieve a new one!

8h days i.e. 3 new days per real day.

Game server running version: 1.2.4 +nb Edition
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Staff Characters (0 players):

Online Characters (48 players):
Academy Student deniz
Uchiha Kage
Shirome no Kuro
Uzumaki Kei
Kagutsuchi, Ifrinne
Academy Student EclairLuna
Jounin AliceLiddell
Genin TaiTai
Academy Student QutieAngel
Genin Goza
Academy Student Mizore
Little Suzume
Guardian Wereboy miku
Goemon Ishikawa
Huntress Satomi
下忍 Yokomaru
うちは千手 Sānŋīn...
Hero For Hire Link
Akujin Qtronix
Academy Student Vixen
Senju, Ichirou
Academy Student Chiyo
Apotheosized Ialdabaoth
Forest Maiden Kupala
Academy Student Nova
Nara Eric
Academy Student Reiji
Academy Student Aihime
Shadow Lord JayJay
Kokurai no Kusa Gonen
toi Gisei Hotaru
Academy Student Einherjar
Academy Student Tigerlilly
Wind Rider KaoriDescender
Obito Uchihа
Shikabane hime 死亡MachinaU...
The ''12'', Zhao
未来 KiuUchiha
Night Shade Isenlar
Usotsuki, Mayu
Kuyami Jake
Chuunin Kurokawa
Uzumaki Momiji

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